The 8 Key Breaths Class available for retreats and events - $60 hour + donations

This set of 8 Key Yogic Breaths, alongside the Harmonic Breath and their affirmations, not only helps us to master life, but they energize and exercise key organs and adrenal glands. ´╗┐In both Eastern and Western mysticism, it had always been taught, usually in secret and by word of mouth, that there was to be found in the air a substance or principle from which ALL LIFE is derived. 

Here, in the original teachings, we learn how we may, through our breathing, consciously store this substance up and control it – giving balance to all parts of the nervous system, adding strength and vitality, youth, and success to those who practice.When we furnish and control the breath, we bring into ourselves the pure force of Prana, the Breath of Life itself.  These techniques help this vital fluid to penetrate our muscles, nerves, and bones, bringing us into inner balance, and awakening our understanding of the outer nature of reality.  Click here for more information.