Native American SWEAT LODGE: A Sweat Lodge, is a purification ceremony. It is an ancient and sacred ceremony, which has been passed down through generations of Native American Tribes.

The full ceremony involves a lodge built with a frame of saplings covered with hides or blankets.  Stones are heated in a fire, and then placed into a central pit in the lodge.  Water is then poured on the stones to create hot steam.  Traditional prayers and songs are offered in the Native American language. In some cultures drumming and offerings to the spirit world may be part of the ceremony, or a sweat lodge ceremony may be a part of another, longer ceremony such as a Sun Dance.

Women are usually expected to wear long skirts and long-sleeved shirts, and the men wear long shorts and t-shirts.


To register or to book a private ceremony contact: Or call: 1-858-220-0140


For Accommodations / Rooms or Camping call JTRC:760 365 8371 to reserve.


Additional offerings for fire wood and gratuities are welcome following the ceremonies.